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Your student may be eager to finish school and start their summer vacation, however, one thing you should be careful of, is the summer slide (which occurs when a student doesn't study over the break and forgets everything they learned in school). If you'd like to ensure that your child won't start the new school year as a blank slate, put these tips below to good use.

How to Stop the Summer Slide

Study Every So Often

It may be summer vacation, but going over notes a few times can really help your child refresh their memory and avoid the summer slide. It's especially important to do this on the days leading up to their return to school, so the lessons are on their mind.


The skills that you don't practice regularly are the ones that you'll forget about and lose. To ensure this doesn't happen to your student, provide worksheets or other practice opportunities that can help them continue developing their skills during summer.

Discuss Academic Subjects

An easy way to keep your child's mind awake and working during summer break is to discuss academic subjects with them. For instance, asking them to explain a math problem will allow them to use the information they have learned.

Take Educational Trips

It's summer! Take advantage of your child's time off to visit learning centers, zoos, museums, libraries, and other places that can help them get excited to continue learning. Moreover, those trips will help you bond and spend quality time together.

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