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There's much debate about when the best time to study is. However, as much as this may change from person to person, the following variables should be considered if you want to find the ideal time to focus your mind on learning.

When Should You Study?

  1. First of all, if you already have an established studying routine that works for you, continue with it. If you don't, create one. Your body and mind will get used to it, allowing you to study efficiently.
  2. The best time to study is at a moment in which your basic necessities have been met. This is because being hungry or tired will keep you from making the most of your study sessions.
  3. You should also keep in mind that it's not a good idea to study if you're feeling too energetic, either. If you have too much energy, you will get distracted, so do a light workout if you're feeling this way.
  4. Speaking of being distracted, the conditions for studying should be right. For instance, if your mind tends to wander when it's too quiet, then you probably shouldn't study alone in your room.
  5. Tied to the point above, you should have what you need to study. If you have more energy during the morning and enjoy having a study group, then you shouldn't study at night.

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