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The common notion that math is "difficult" can have an impact on your child's confidence. Some students even develop math anxiety because of it that impedes them from learning it properly. If you notice your child is reluctant to do math, below you'll find tips to help them overcome their fear and work on their abilities confidently.

How to Encourage Your Student to Perform Math Confidently

Lead By Example

If your child thinks math is difficult, it will be harder for them to work on it. Become their role model to teach them math is nothing to be afraid of: don't shy away from it and reserve your negative feelings about it.

Be There for Them

Another thing you can do to assist your child is simply being there for them: answer their math questions and motivate them to keep going when they need it. You can even enroll them in one-to-one tutoring to help them learn effectively.

Include Math in Daily Life

You can also use math in your daily life. Showing your child that math is all around them will likely help them see the value in learning it and will allow them to get more acquainted with it.

Practice More

Being a skilled mathematician requires practice, and that's exactly what your child should do. You can provide practice opportunities at home (e.g. worksheets with math problems) to help them develop and sharpen their skills.

Make Learning Fun

Having your child play math games will make the subject seem less intimidating. Plus, it will likely encourage them to practice even more. Download apps and use online games to get them playing and learning.

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