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If your first instinct when you have to study, is to open up your notebook, then you know just how important it is to take good, effective notes that will help you refresh your knowledge and prepare for your tests. For that reason, the following post will share some tips you can try if you want to improve your note-taking skills.

How to Take Notes that Will Help You Study

Have Clean and Organized Notes

Keeping clean and organized notes (free of doodles, and in a designated notebook/folder for the subject) will help you focus better on learning when you're studying.

Keep Your Tools Ready

Unless you want to fall behind when writing notes, it's a good idea to keep your writing tools handy. Having your pencil, sharpener, eraser, and more, ready will help you save time.

Create a  Writing Strategy

As stated, you need to be time-efficient when taking notes, lest you miss noting the information the teacher is sharing. For that reason, employ common abbreviations and writing main ideas to be quicker.

Take Comprehensible Notes

Yes, you should be quick. But this doesn't mean your penmanship and the sense of your notes should suffer. Write legibly and form complete ideas/phrases/sentences so your notes can help you.

Accentuate Your Notes

Dates, formulas, names, definitions, and similar information can be more important than other notes you take. Use highlighters and colored pens to make sure they don't get lost in your notebook.

Go Over Your Notes

Finally, make it a point to review your notes once you're done with them. This will help you spot any missing information or if something isn't clear. If that's the case, ask your teacher or a peer to clarify.

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