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If you're a student who is constantly distracted in class, then you know that this isn't the best way to learn; you need to focus in class so your brain can assimilate the information your teacher is giving you. If you have a challenging time with this, however, the tips below can help you increase your attention span in class.

How to Increase Your Focus in the Classroom

  1. Being a sleepy and hungry student won't help you stay focused. Do your best to lead a healthy lifestyle so that your brain can learn.
  2. Before entering your classroom, change your mindset. Prepare to focus and get rid of any negative thoughts about the class.
  3. Keep anything that may distract you in class (your cell phone, a magazine, etc.), away so you don't feel tempted to look at it.
  4. Choose your seat wisely; pick a spot at the front and center of the classroom, away from friends, windows, and doors.
  5. When you're sitting in class, sit up straight and face the teacher. A more receptive body position can help you pay more attention.
  6. Write notes during class to force your brain to focus on what the teacher is saying. Take effective notes that can help you study.
  7. Become an active participant in your classes: share your opinions and questions, and listen to others' to help you learn even more.
  8. Lastly, if your mind wanders even after following these tips, rest your brain for a while and try again, but don't interrupt the class.

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