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Help Your Student Learn During Your Spring Clean

While spring may mean vacation time for students, for parents, it means spring clean. If you will be enlisting your children’s help for the event, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center of League City which can help you to make the task an educational one.

Include Them in the Planning

More often than not, the first time that your children will see your cleaning plan is when you are delegating them tasks. This time, be sure to include your children in the planning stage, helping them to learn valuable time-management skills which will help when facing a heavy workload.
  • Teach your children the techniques you use to ensure you don’t forget items and create your list.
  • Show them what you consider when prioritizing each task.
  • When estimating the completion time, share your calculations.
  • When you are putting it all together, show them how you get the most out of the day and invite their input.
In addition to being a great lesson in time-management, it also gives students a framework to utilize when managing competing academic priorities.

Measurements and Spatial Awareness

If you are looking for a more basic lesson, moving your furniture can help. As you and your family move from room to room, instead of simply sliding out the couch and then sliding it back, have your children take its measurements and then, using these, find a temporary space in the room for it to fit. When doing this, even if you are certain that one of your children made a mistake and the couch, for example, won’t fit, help them to move it to the space anyway, to give them a practical lesson and help them identify where they went wrong.

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