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We are only a few weeks away from the beginning of a new school year, and a great start requires planning ahead of time. By now,  your children are probably used to sleeping in, having lunch at random hours and moving their thumbs rapidly over their smart phones.

This routine has to change and you can make this transition easier. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in League City, we would like to give you a few advices to prepare your children for back to school. 

Internal Clock

Everyone has a biological clock that controls their sleeping and feeding patterns, and we are sure it changed over vacation. Don’t worry, you can “reset” it by sending your children earlier to bed and waking them up early a few weeks before school starts. Try to establish a routine of bath, dressing and breakfast so your children know what to do on the first day. 

Study Environment

If your children like to study on the couch or bed, it’s possible that they end up sleeping before they finish their homework. Instead, follow this guide to create a homework environment. Also, don't forget to establish clear study rules. 

Create a Schedule

Your study space will be pointless if you don’t schedule certain study blocks every day. Have a master calendar where you can plan meals and extra curricular activities, plus a daily planner for their academic tasks.

Visit the School

Establishing an open communication with the school teacher is very important. Make sure to go to the orientation sessions and introduce yourself. Let the teacher know where to reach you in case of any trouble. 

These simple tips will help you to avoid any setbacks during that hectic first day at school. Plus, it will help you to set a solid foundation for the upcoming school challenges.  

You can also boost the confidence of your children by providing them with the abilities they need in the classroom. The Tutoring Center has exclusive programs to achieve it; whether they are having problems in school or you wish to enrich their abilities. For these and many other reasons, consider us next time you are looking for tutoring in League City.  

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