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Starting in the fall of your senior year in high school you should be sure to begin the college application process. We know that this can be daunting, but remember that there are several ways you can prepare and make the process easier. If you’ve already enrolled in or taken one of our SAT/ACT Seminars, then you are on the right track, as they’re one of the first things you’ll need to complete in order to start the process. If you’ve worked hard in school and already taken your SAT, then know that you’ve completed the most difficult part. The Tutoring Center in League City would like to share the next steps you should take, some recommendations, and general information to assist you in your college application experience. 

Standard needs: 

- Before you even begin to collect applications there are a few things you know you’ll need:
        - As mentioned, your SAT score is one of them
        - Recommendation letters, usually two, from teachers or mentors
        - High school transcripts, although they will not be complete as you’ve not finished your senior year

University-specific needs: 

- After you’ve either visited colleges or done enough research to know where you’d like to apply, here are the next steps you should follow:
       - View the application and application deadline
       - Write the admissions essay, should the college(s) require; remember that if you’re applying to multiple colleges with a similar admissions essay, it is OK to reuse your own ideas, however you’ll want to put those ideas into different words
        - File your FAFSA form to apply for financial aid
        - See if there are any scholarships available to you and apply for those as well

Now, the waiting: 

- Once you’ve submitted your application and admission essay, you should ideally hear back from the school within 10 days, by email or through the post, simply notifying you that your application has been received. If you do not receive said notification, it does not hurt to contact the school to ensure they received your application
- As for the notification of acceptance, that time period will vary:
       - Some colleges will begin notifying students as soon as they’ve met their application deadline
       - Others, especially those with higher levels of applicants, could very well wait between 3 to 5 months before notifying you

The wait can admittedly be agonizing, so make sure that you continue to focus on your studies and finishing your senior year well as you do so. You might consider getting a tutor to help you in a class you are having trouble with, or to assist you to become a more confident writer or communicator. The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff prepared to assist you in whatever you think will best help you prepare for university. Contact us today at (281) 337-2800 to learn more about our programs and our one on one tutoring professionals.


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