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Now that school is about to start back up again, you should take this time as an opportunity to begin with the right foot forward. For instance, you should make an effort to stay organized and keep a schedule, so you can become more productive and succeed academically. However, if you need a few tips on how you can keep and follow a schedule for your new school year.

How to Create and Follow a Schedule

  1. In order to keep a schedule, you'll need an agenda in which you can write down all of your activities.
  2. The next step is to think about everything you have to do on any given day (from social events, to homework, and chores).
  3. You can estimate how much time it'll take you to complete your assignments, and set daily timeframes to do them in.
  4. You can also use this opportunity to manage your time: organize your activities and prioritize so you can be more productive.
  5. If you want your agenda to be reliable, update it regularly: write down every task/event, and cross them off once you're done.
  6. If you need a bit of help to keep your agenda in order, you can use stickers or color-coordinate your daily activities.
  7. Make a real effort to keep up with your schedule. Set goals for yourself so you're eager to complete all of your activities effectively.
  8. If you need extra motivation, "reward" yourself once you're done with all of your tasks for a day (e.g. schedule time to watch TV).

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