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It can be very difficult to know what to do if your child receives lower grades than you were both hoping for. The Tutoring Center in League City would like to offer a few suggestions to help make the best of the situation.

Don’t jump to punishment

Though you may be disappointed in your child, it’s important not to punish them upon hearing their grade. Spur of the moment punishments are rarely well-considered and are unlikely to be effective. If you feel you must punish your child, make sure to take a few moments to consider how best to go about it. Having said that, positive reinforcement has been shown to be more effective than punishment, so is perhaps a more fruitful focus.

Try to empathize

If you’re unhappy with your child’s grades, it is more than likely that they are too. Few children are happy to do badly, even if they claim otherwise, so try to put yourself in their shoes and realize they don’t feel good either. Avoid saying how disappointed you are or appearing angry, as damaging your child’s self-esteem could lead to a further lack of motivation and drive to succeed.

Discuss problems

Try to work out what the reason behind the disappointing grade might be. It may be the case that your child simply didn’t work hard enough, but it’s just as likely that it is down to poor sleep, issues with bullying or other social problems, difficulty managing their time, or any number of other factors. Finding out what went wrong is the first step to improvement.

Plan for improvement

Focusing on the future is better than thinking about the past, so sit down with your child and talk to them about how they can go about securing better grades in future. Talk to them about their study habits to make sure they know how best to study and how to stay organized, and consider writing up a study plan with them.

If the problem is academic, you could consider hiring a tutor to help tackle any difficulties your child may be having. The Tutoring Center offer free diagnostic assessments that can pinpoint exactly how best to assist each of our students, so call (281) 337-2800 if you feel your child could benefit from tutoring in League City.


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