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There's a learning tool that can help your child with their vocabulary, their reading comprehension, their communication skills, their spelling, and more; it's called a dictionary. To help your child take full advantage of it, follow the tips mentioned here.

How to Help Your Child Employ a Dictionary Effectively

Learn the Alphabet

It's unlikely that your child will have any use for a dictionary if they haven't learned the alphabet yet. Not only should you ensure that they know it, but they should have it completely memorized. To that end, sing the ABC song with them to help them remember it.

Acquire the Right Tool

There's a variety of dictionaries to choose from. However, it's not probable that your child will need a translation or legal dictionary just yet. Instead, provide the right tool for them: an updated, pocket-size English dictionary should suffice.

Get to Know the Dictionary

It's important that you take the time to sit down with your child, go through the dictionary, and explain the different parts that make it up (such as the thesaurus and part of speech), as well as how they can use them to their advantage.

Teach Them to Search for New Words

To teach your child to search for new words, they need to make use of their alphabet knowledge and find the first letter of the unknown word in the dictionary. Once they find that section, they can employ the guide words on the page to make their search easier.

Understand the New Words

Your child won't get much out of the dictionary if they can't understand the definitions of the words they're searching for. To ensure they do, encourage them to search for unknown words within the definition, to get a better understanding of them and expand their vocabulary.

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