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A strong and rich vocabulary may mean that your child will be an efficient communicator, a more understanding listener, and a more knowledgeable person. In this post, you'll find tips that you can use to help your child build their vocabulary during this summer break, so they can reap the benefits of having a well-rounded lexicon at their disposal.

How to Help Your Child Work on Their Vocabulary

  1. Reading often is probably the best way to find new vocabulary items. That's why you should encourage your child to read great material by authors who master the English language.
  2. Simply finding new words won't be useful to them in this endeavor. Provide a dictionary that can teach your child about the correct use of the previously unknown words.
  3. Once your child has learned new terminology, writing will allow them to incorporate it into their own repertoire. Keeping a journal over the summer, for example, can be of great assistance.
  4. Holding long conversations with your child can also help in this respect. As you do, try to include words they may not know, so they can learn them through you. Likewise, give them the opportunity to use newly-discovered words as they speak.
  5. Learning new vocabulary can also be about fun and games. Scrabble, crossword puzzles, apps, and more, can broaden your child's word stock as they have an enjoyable time.

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