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 Math is a crucial academic skill, but it’s also a valuable tool in everyday life. There are a number things you can do to make sure your child is progressing well in this field, and The Tutoring Center in League City would love to share a few suggestions with you today.

Provide a good example

Perhaps the best way to encourage your child to approach math with a positive and confident attitude is for you to do the same. Children model the majority of their behavior on the behavior their parents or guardians exhibit, so make sure you’re pointing your child in the right direction!

Join in

Often, children don’t want to do their math homework due to finding it too difficult or daunting. Having someone around to help them with the more difficult problems can be very reassuring, so make it clear that you’re available should they need help. That said, it’s important that you don’t just step in and solve their problems yourself; they need to learn to work independently. Instead, talk through their difficulties with them and try to help them understand the concepts behind the problems they are tackling.

Provide a good study space

Your child’s study time will be exponentially more effective if they have an appropriate study space devoid of distractions. Provide a comfy chair and desk in a quiet part of your home and make sure your child doesn’t have access to the TV, computer, or their cell phone while they study. This is true of any subject of course, not just math!

Have fun with it

Math doesn’t have to be boring. If you have a tablet or smartphone, take a look at your app store to find hundreds of educational games for you and your child to enjoy. If you’d rather stick with ‘old-fashioned’ games, it’s easy to adapt most board games to include math questions and problems.

Practice practice practice

Sneaking math practice into every day is easier than you might expect. Ask your child for help adding up the cost of the groceries or for help with the measurements while you’re cooking. You could also ask them to work out how long they need to save up their allowance in order to afford a particular toy. A little math practice every day will help them realize how useful a skill it is, too.

If your child could benefit from some one-on-one support with their math, The Tutoring Center are here to help. Our math advancement program is tailor-made to help your child excel, so if you’d like to take advantage of expert tutoring in League City, please call (281) 337-2800.


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