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As a parent, you may have recently gone through the situation where you had to figure out the best method in dealing with disappointing grades from your child’s last report card. Perhaps you are considering how you can have better communication with your child’s teacher about his or her progress. When it comes to keeping in touch with your child’s teacher, there are some methods that can help you to ensure you are on the right track regarding this that The Tutoring Center in League City would like to share with you today. 

When the school year begins you should look forward to an invitation to Open House at your child’s school. The idea of open house is that the parents and children can come to the school, see the classroom, meet the teacher, and get an introduction to the way the teacher will operate the class. Some school districts choose to have open house prior to the first day of school while others will have it within the first week or two. This is your first opportunity to meet with the teacher, find out about class expectations, and clear up any questions you may have. 

Second, you should find ways to get involved in your child’s school. If you work during the day, it may be difficult for you to find time to volunteer while your child is there, but you may be able to help with decorative efforts in the afternoon or join the Parent Teacher Associates, which usually meets at night to be more accommodating to working parents. 

An opportunity you have to meet with the teacher one on one is during Parent/Teacher Conferences. There will be multiple times during the year in which these will be scheduled and you can contact the teacher and schedule one any time of year. At these conferences the teacher will have a report on your child’s behavior and successes and weaknesses in his or her class. Here you can also ask questions that you have about your child’s performance and get advice from the teacher. 

After speaking with the teacher, you two may come to the decision that your child could benefit from tutoring in a subject area. If this is the case, remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional staff ready to assist you. For tutoring in League City, contact us at (281) 337-2800.


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