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How to Become a Stronger Reader

It's easy to see that written communication is fast overtaking spoken and personal instances of communication. Whilst your child likely reads a lot of novels and text messages, it is important for you to broaden their exposure to different types or writing styles and vocabularies. The Tutoring Center in League City has some basic ideas to help your child get the most out of their reading.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Thesaurus

One of the biggest advantages of reading is an expansion of your childs vocabulary. Provide them with a thesaurus the next time they are reading and have them utilize it instead of a dictionary. This can be a great way to help your child understand new words through context when they don't have a dictionary handy. At the end of the reading session, have them explain to you the newly learned words to reinforce their learning.

Reading in a Group

Reading groups are a great way to share the joy of reading with friends or classmates. Create some time for your child and their friends to come over and just sit and read. If all children take a break at the end of every two chapters to speak about the book, it can help each child to understand other perspectives of the story line. It also gives them the opportunity to discuss any new words or phrases they have discovered and how they can use them in their everyday life.

Give Your Child an Advantage with Tutoring in League City

For your child to have the best opportunities in their life, reading and writing are fundamental. If helping your child outperform their classmates is important to you, speak with one of our teaching professional on (281) 337-2800. The Tutoring Center in League City can provide information about how reading, writing and math tutoring in League City can give your child the advantage they need.


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