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The fear of speaking in public is not uncommon among students and people in general. Nonetheless, presenting a subject orally is a useful skill which can open doors to different opportunities. If you need to make an oral presentation at school, but you feel nervous about it, here are a few tips on how to get ready for it.

Oral Presentation Tips

  1. First of all, prepare for your presentation thoroughly so that you can feel more confident. Making your slides, knowing what you'll say, mastering the subject you'll be talking about, and practicing in front of an audience, will help you be completely ready for the big day.
  2. What you'll say isn't the only thing you should work on if you want to have a successful presentation. You should also pay attention to your body language. Work on your posture, your gestures, your movements, your tone, your rhythm, your glance, and more, so you can control them and use them to your advantage.
  3. If you are using notes to help you stay on track, remember to make them short and to the point. This way, you won't rely on them too much, and you won't end up reading off of them throughout the whole presentation. Instead, master your topic so you know what to say in a natural way.
  4. If you are using slides as your visual aid, remember to make them clear, concise, and effective. If you put too much text in them, make them a bright color, or use a funky font, your visual aid may end up distracting your classmates and teacher.
  5. Certain oral presentations will require you to use slides, videos, images, audio, and more in order to make your point. If that's the case, test the devices and media you will be using before your presentation starts, so there aren't any imperfections that could get in the way.
  6. Finally, breathe in deeply before you begin. Speaking in front of an audience can be intimidating, especially if you are being graded on it. However, you should relax and be confident in that you can face this challenge.

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