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Having the right amount and quality of sleep is not only a requirement for the growth of your children, but overall it’s crucial for their well-being. Although the reasons why we sleep are still unclear, there are many studies that link this apparently unimportant activity with boosting learning and cognitive skills.

Plus, it’s well-known that lack of sleep can have many negative effects like irritability, decreased concentration and inability to stay awake. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in League City, we created the following post containing useful advice on this topic.


Sending your children to bed and waking them up at regular hours is very important; even during weekends, as it will set their internal clocks. Keep in mind that the circadian cycles last 24 hours and they control hunger, temperature, alertness and sleep, so remember this next time your children ask for 5 more minutes to watch TV.


Your children shouldn’t use any electronic devices an hour before bedtime, as several studies show that the blue light they emit it’s related to shallow sleep. Don’t forget that a warm room can also disturb sleep, so make sure to set a cool temperature. Soundproofing the room is also a good idea, if your children’s room is next to a busy street.


Your children’s diet also plays an important role, so avoid serving large meals and cut the fluid intake a few hours before bedtime. Stress is one of the main causes for sleep problems, so be sure to enrol your children in a physical activity, as it can enhance their sleep, plus exercise has many other benefits. 

Your children’s development encompasses many areas, however sleep is somehow neglected, so remember these simple ideas to ensure your children are getting the sleep they need to fulfill their chores.

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