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We are still very close to the beginning of the school year, nonetheless we hope that you are already seeing great success in your child this year. One of the most important links to academic success is organization. The Tutoring Center in League City would therefore like to share with you, SIX tips to help you keep your child organized this school year!

Set Goals

Surely one of your goals should be to stay organized, but it is certainly not the only one you should set. You can think about the things you’d like to accomplish this week, month, and even year, academically or personally. Write down these goals and ways to achieve them. Perhaps consider sharing the goals with someone you trust in order to be encouraged and held accountable in the process. 

Avoid Clutter

Your locker, backpack, and study space should be void of clutter. Avoid keeping loose papers in these areas. If you no longer need them, throw them away. If you will use them again, keep them neatly in folders or notebooks. 

Designate a Study Space

As for your study space, have a place designated where you go to get work done. This place should not have distractions or clutter and should be a place where your family is in agreement that you should not be bothered. While you may choose to use a desk in your room, avoid your bed for studying. This should be a place of rest. You may choose a couch in the living room, your kitchen table, or another area, but be sure that you use the space well.  

Write It Down

Although you may, with good intentions, believe you will remember an assignment, not writing it down leaves the possibility that you will forget. Likewise, taking a picture may seem like a good idea at the time, but when you take out your phone during study time, you above all, understand the endless distractions you now have available to you. It is best to avoid using your phone at all as you study/do homework. 

Use a Planner

Alternatively, you can use a planner to keep track of your assignments. Write down when you received an assignment, when it is due, and if there is significant time between those dates, even write reminders to be working on it throughout. This will help you to avoid the rush of having to complete a major assignment the night before it’s due. This strategy is equally effective in studying for an exam. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Set up your homework schedule with your own preferences in mind, keeping in mind that homework should be prioritized over other daily activities. You decide however if working on the most difficult assignments and then the easier, or vise versa, works best for you. Schedule breaks when needed, refresh yourself by washing your face or taking a jog around the block, and get back to work. 

Now that your child is on the right track to organization, you may still find that he or she needs some help in a particular school subject. The Tutoring Center can help you with any academic needs your child has! Please contact us at 281-337-2800 for tutoring in League City!


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