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We are in the middle of the summer and by now the excitement of not having classes has turned into boredom. If your children currently spend their vacations on the sofa or lying on their beds, there is something you can do to change it. 

Your children need to keep their minds active to avoid learning loss and a great way to do it is reading. Choosing a book will not only boost their imagination, it’s also a valuable habit that is related with a great academic achievement. 

If you are wondering how to get your children to read, at The Tutoring Center in League City, we’d like to give you a few useful ideas. 

Enjoy a Book

Remember that your children will follow your example, so try to read a book and enjoy it in front of them - it’s very probable that they do the same. That way, you will be sending a strong message about the importance of reading.

Have Material Around

You can’t expect that your children choose to read, if you don’t have any material; make sure to have books around the house that match their interests and hobbies. Think about buying a subscription to a magazine they like and don’t forget that there are other publications that are considered reading: graphic novels and comics are a good option.

Visit the Library

There is no better place to teach the love for books than the library. There are thousands of books that your children can explore and the librarian can always give you recommendations. Also, some libraries have summer programs, where your children can socialize and expand their love for books.  

Be Patient 

Forcing your children to read won’t help - they should experience by themselves the joy of reading without you bribing them or pressuring them.  

This wonderful activity will enhance the vocabulary of your children, plus it will help them to follow arguments and ideas in a text; skills that are demanded in the classroom and that are related to a great academic achievement. 

At The Tutoring Center, we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out the academic strengths and weaknesses of each of our students. That way, we get to know which areas and abilities need to be improved. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in League City. 

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