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Helping Your Child Learn Math at Home

Despite your child’s insistence that they won’t use their math lessons when they are an adult, all parents know that this isn’t the case, with math forming part of your everyday life. Below is a great activity from The Tutoring Center of League City to help your student learn math and see just how relevant the skill will be.

Supermarket Classroom

Everybody wants to get the most out of their shopping budget, which means finding a range of deals which can stretch every dollar which you have allocated. This can be a great teaching platform to use to help your children see just how beneficial math can and will be for them. Invite your children to join you when planning your next supermarket budget and shop, and teach them some lessons:
  • Teach any techniques you use, such as starting from the total and deducting down, etc.
  • Share your calculations when ensuring a bulk item will be worth the savings.
  • Show how you ensure bulk items are valuable and will be used.
  • How you reduce your spending by checking quantities of items in your kitchen and calculating how much you need to buy for the week ahead.
Of course, if you can identify any other math calculations which you use during the process, be sure to share these. Once you have finished, take them shopping with you and put them in charge of calculating the costs as you add items to your cart. Not only are the calculations and considerations used great lessons for your child to learn, but seeing the math in action at the supermarket helps to enforce the lesson and shows just how beneficial math is.

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