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Few things feel worse than getting a low test score and figuring out that you could have done much better if you only avoided a couple of common test-taking mistakes. So this scenario doesn't happen to you, read the post below.

Avoidable Test-Taking Mistakes

  1. First of all, being unprepared for the test is a mistake you can avoid. This includes not studying at all and cramming the night before the test.
  2. Being unprepared also means not having the right supplies. Verify that you have your calculator, crib sheet, or anything else you may need to perform successfully.
  3. Forgetting to write your name is another common mistake that could lose you some points, so avoid it.
  4. You may be anxious to answer your test as soon as you get it. However, not reading it thoroughly can result in mistakes that you could avoid simply by following instructions.
  5. Answering messily, with illegible letters, disregarding instructions, and generally answering in improper form will affect your test score.
  6. If you get stuck on a question, you should leave it behind, since it will only waste your time. Mark it and come back to it once you're done answering the rest of the test so you don't miss any points.
  7. Of course, not answering questions (be it because you forgot about them, or you missed them altogether), will lower your grade.
  8. If you're rushing to finish the test, you're more prone to making mistakes. Instead, answer the test in a calm and careful manner.
  9. Lastly, not reviewing your test once you're done with it can be a huge mistake, since you won't be able to correct anything nor check for questions you may have missed.

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