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Despite how it sounds, the summer learning slide isn’t a fun game and is instead a phenomenon responsible for students across the country returning to a new year of school unprepared for their lessons. The Tutoring Center, League City TX has prepared a post with more information.

Summer Learning Slide

Your child’s school is a great place to learn. Not simply because their lessons are taught there, but also because the space is designed to encourage learning and knowledge sharing, ensuring a range of engaging activities are available to keep children’s brains active and learning. However, once your child is removed from this environment for an extended period, just like a sponge will begin to drip when taken out of water, your child’s brain will not only stop learning but begin to forget important lessons and information. This leads to students sitting down to their new classes only to spend valuable time relearning previous lessons while their classmates and teacher move forward without them.

Preventing the Learning Loss

Many parents think that full-time summer school is the only option, however, it’s crucial to realize that students have worked hard throughout the year and deserve a break, not to mention that their brain and body needs rest from constant learning. Instead, the key is to find a medium between vacation time and learning, such as:
  • Spend a couple of hours during the break reviewing your child’s notebook with them to reinforce previous lessons and pick up anything they may have missed during class.
  • Short quizzes are great to use as both a reward system when your child needs a ride to the mall and an engaging activity during long car rides.
  • Tutoring, even just a few sessions a week, can go a long way to not only preventing learning loss but improving previous grades and addressing any learning gaps.

Tutoring  in League City Can Help

If your child struggled during the previous school year or they need more homework help then you are able to provide, tutoring in League City is the answer. To find out more, speak with a friendly and trained learning professional during your free initial diagnostic assessment. Call The Tutoring Center, League City TX today at (281) 337-2800 to book your appointment.


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