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The time to return to school is upon us! To make sure you'll be successful this new year, follow the tips below so you can put your best foot forward from the get-go.

What Not to Do During Back-to-School Season

Think Negatively

It's normal that you're a bit bummed out about your vacation ending. It's even normal that you feel nervous or anxious about going back. However, focusing on those negative thoughts will only make matters worse. To correct this, try to find the positive in returning to school. For example, think that you'll be able to meet your friends again, and learn new things.


To go back to school, you need to purchase and gather your school supplies, pack your backpack, choose the right clothing, and work on returning your daily routine to normal. Still, if you procrastinate all summer and neglect taking care of these things, you will be stressed out at the end, which can lead to mistakes. To be completely prepared, start getting ready weeks in advanced, so you can guarantee you have everything for when school starts.

Lose Your Knowledge

Finally, a big mistake that can seriously impact your performance when you return to school, is neglecting your academics over the break. Doing so will result in summer learning loss, in which you forget the lessons you already learned. To avoid going back as a blank slate, review your notes a couple of times during the break to refresh your memory.

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