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Are you noticing a trend of declining grades in your student’s progress reports and report cards? If so, you’re not the only one. During the second semester we often see more students with problems in math or reading, as well as students with more severe learning disabilities coming in for assistance. The Tutoring Center has developed a 4-step program to help students with these issues.   

Step 1: Completing an Educational Assessment  
- Any student seeking assistance will take a diagnostic assessment before starting.     o This allows us to develop a personalized learning program for your student. Your student may be struggling in both math and reading, but have a more severe deficit in reading. Therefore, we would focus on getting them on level in reading first  
- We will then identify where we should start with your student.     o If your child is in 3rd grade, but testing at a 1st grade reading level we need to build up those �����base-level” skills that they need to succeed at a higher level. 
- Finally, we try to pinpoint the underlying problem that your student has.     o Does your child struggle because they truly don’t understand what is being taught or because they need help learning to     focus and be motivated?   

Step 2: Increasing Academic Skills to “Above Grade Level” 
- We believe that a student with strong academic skills will do far better in school, regardless of  learning disabilities. Therefore, we work hard to build students up to a level that is slightly ahead of where they are currently in school. 
- This allows the student to be more prepared for what they will be learning later in the school year and give them more time to  build on those skills in the classroom before they are tested on them. 
- This is accomplished with our One-to-One Instruction and unique Rotational Approach to Learning.   

Step 3: Increasing Concentration, Attention Span, and Focus
- With One-on-One Instruction, the level of distraction in our classrooms are minimized because an instructor can more readily focus on a student’s needs 
- The Rotational Approach to Learning™ has been proven to increase a child’s attention span by breaking up the learning into   three different books and the opportunity to work with a different instructor.     

Step 4: Increasing Test-Taking and Study Skills 
- The Tutoring Center’s Study Skills program focuses on building up the skills your child needs to be a good test taker while decreasing anxiety about tests.   


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