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Does your child struggle to complete homework in a timely manner? Do you notice that they have a hard time focusing while trying to work on assignments? A lot of issues that come with homework completion can be attributed to the environment in which your student is working. Here are a few tips on how to create an ideal homework setting at your house.   

1. Create a quiet, peaceful setting for your child to work in. TV and music can be major distractions, even if they are playing in the background and can pull their focus away from what they are working on.       

2. Have a desk or table set up where they always go to work on homework. Our brains form associations between activities and the place where we do them. For example, your body is used to laying in bed to go to sleep, so if your student tries to do homework laying or sitting on their bed they are likely to start feeling tired and unmotivated.      

3. Have that desk or table stocked with any supplies they may need to finish assignments. Searching for paper, pencils, rulers, etc. either before or while in the middle of homework both takes time away from doing work and also breaks the students focus. Think about how distracting it can be to try and resume a task after taking a phone call or getting up to do something.       

4. Set a specific time each day that is for completing homework. Whether it be right after your child gets home from school, after sports practice, or after dinner, having a time set everyday that your child works on assignments is crucial for setting a routine. If they are used to sitting down to do homework at a certain time each night, their brain will be more prepared to start working when the time comes. This also helps avoid trying to rush to get homework done before bedtime.        

Don’t forget that The Tutoring Center also offers online homework help in math and science for grades 7-12. Please see the link below for more information on how to use this program. 
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