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A topic that often comes up during preliminary meetings with parents is our ability to work with children with learning disabilities (LDs). The most common question is: “Can The Tutoring Center help a child with a learning disability?” The answer is a definite yes. First, let’s define a learning disability. It is defined as a large discrepancy between ability and achievement. At The Tutoring Center we don’t focus on trying to “fix” the disability, instead we work to increase the academic abilities of your student. We build on your student’s strengths and work to increase their areas of weakness. With our program, a student with a learning disability can progress through their work as quickly as a student without a learning disability.                        

So how do you find out for sure if your child has a learning disability? Here are some possible warning signals:                     

- Letter and number reversals                     
- Poor concentration                     
- Inaccurate reading with word and letter omissions and transpositions                     
- Poor reading comprehension                    
- Chronic math deficiencies                     
- Impulsiveness                     
- Over activity                     
- Memory deficits                     
- Poor motor coordination                     
- Illegible handwriting                     
- Sloppiness                     
- Difficulty following written or verbal instruction            

A 2-year delay in the primary grades is usually considered significant. Each type of LD is diagnosed in slightly different way, either by a speech therapist, psychologist, physician, or through standardized tests. If the school fails to notice a learning delay, a parent can request an outside evaluation. There is no harm in getting your child tested if you believe they have a learning disability, but it’s important to remember that a diagnosis won’t solve your student’s problem. Your main goal will be to build your child’s academic skills and at the Tutoring Center League City can do just that.  


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