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Parents often ask: “What is the best time for my child to start tutoring?” The answer, of course, is Kindergarten. Though it may seem early, it’s best to provide assistance before your child begins to display signs of difficulty. We want to get your child off to a great start in their learning so they have the best possible chance to succeed.            

For this reason The Tutoring Center League City offers a “Little Geniuses in Training” Kindergarten Program. Whether your child is currently enrolled in Kindergarten or about to enter Kindergarten next school year, our program can help them to develop a strong foundation for their future. Depending upon your child’s needs, the program begins where he/she is comfortable and empowers the student to “Reach for the Highest Star!” Students who learn materials before it is taught at the 1st grade level do better throughout that year and in the following years than students who do not.            

Summer is the perfect time to get your future Kindergarten student prepared to learn next year. They will complete an individualized curriculum in a nurturing and rewarding environment working one-on-one with instructors. Let us help your child build the confidence and skills that will help them to succeed throughout their school years.


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