The Tutoring Center, League City TX


Does your student struggle with math? The Tutoring Center League City’s specialized math summer program can help them improve on their existing math skills as well as prepare them for the curriculum they will be covering next school year.          

Your student will spend 15 minutes in a math book selected to help them with a level of math they may have struggled with in the past. For example, if your student just completed 2nd grade, but they had a difficult time with some of the subjects in their math class, they will be assigned a Level 2 Math Book to strengthen their foundations. In addition, to ensure that your student is adequately prepared for their upcoming school year, they will work 30 minutes in a book selected to match the objectives they will be learning at school. For example, your 9th grade student is going to be taking Geometry next year and you want to help them build confidence in some of those skills, they will be assigned a Geometry book to work in.           

Use this summer to help advance your students learning abilities for next year. It will give them a boost in grades as well as a boost in their confidence.


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