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The first semester of school is wrapping up and report cards will be coming out soon. This is the time when you should be vigilant about making sure your child is where they need to be to start next semester and looking into getting them some help to boost their grades. It is a little known fact that the second semester is tougher and more demanding than the first and without a strong foundation your student will not be as prepared to handle the work load. Here are some tips you can do at home to help your child succeed next semester.                

1. Stay Organized. Whether it be using a planner or just keeping school supplies organized, this will help your student be less stressed during school.     

2. Plan Ahead. Make sure your child gets enough rest for school. Make them pack their backpack the night before, check to make sure homework is done, and have everything laid out and ready to go in the morning.     

3. Keep Up With the Work. Don’t procrastinate on getting homework and projects done. Schedule time for getting things finished and it will reduce the stress of having to finish things the night before they are due or early the next morning.     

4. Make a Homework Friendly Environment. Have a place for your student to do homework that is free from distractions and uncluttered. Keep pens, pencils, paper, and other supplies nearby so everything is there for them to use. Also, have a set time for doing homework i.e.after school, after dinner, or whatever works for you.     

5. Keep Track of Notes from School. Place notes on a bulletin board or on your refrigerator the minute you get them and add important dates to a calendar.     

6. Praise Your Child. Tell your student when they are doing a good job. Display good grades or reward their success and they will be motivated to try harder.        

There are many things you as a parent can do at home to help your student, but keep in mind that there are some problems that need more intensive help. That’s where The Tutoring Center comes in. We offer comprehensive programs in math, reading, and writing to help your child do better in school and to help build their concentration and confidence. If your child’s grades are not where they need to be at the end of this semester, come by for a free assessment and let us discuss with you the best way to help your student.


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