The Tutoring Center, League City TX


Summer is fast approaching and we wanted to remind you of all the great things that The Tutoring Center League City provides for your student during those months. Tutoring during the summer??? Absolutely! Summer vacation provides a great opportunity for your child to advance in their learning while not under the pressure of other classwork and exams.     

Whether your student is below grade level or on level in their subjects, The Tutoring Center has a program to fit their needs. For those below grade level, these months will give them the time to “catch-up” with subjects they may have fallen behind on. For those on level, we provide tutoring for lessons they will learn in the following school year and will give them an edge to comprehending these new concepts.  We want to give your student the tools to succeed in their upcoming classes.   

We understand that summer is also a time for family vacations and we will do our best to schedule around those times. We are flexible in scheduling makeups before and after those vacation days, just let us know a week in advance.   

So we hope that you will remember us this summer and give us the opportunity to assist your student. We want to take the lazy out of summer and keep your student mentally strong and challenged during the summer months so they are at their best to start the school year.


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